We offer 2 On-Demand Streaming Safety plans to better suit your safety training needs and budget.


This is generally the most practical and economical plan.

It offers significant price discounts for greater quantity of Prepaid credits.

  • PREPAID CREDITS will expire after 24 months from the purchase date. ** IF A PREPAID-CREDIT ACCOUNT is combined with an ANNUAL DVD LIBRARY ACCOUNT, the PREPAID CREDITS WILL NOT EXPIRE when an annual membership account is active.
  • Virtually all video titles will have free downloadable trainig material and forms such as:


This type of account is designed for large organizations and Insurance providers with larger clients. There are no restrictions on how many of the over 300 On-Demand streaming videos may be viewed during the year.

An initial Administrator account is setup to manage all user accounts (sub-accounts). The administrator will be able to add, remove and subsitute accounts at any time. Additional accounts added during the year will be prorated to expire at the time of the original expiration date (renewal date).

The administrator account is established at no cost and will not have access to video viewing privileges. All available downloadable training materials will be offered free with each video selection.