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Hazard Communication


Running Time:  18
Year Made:  0
Language:  English

In today's litigious society, we begin to take cautions, warnings and disclaimers from manufacturers' with a touch of skepticism or disregard. When it comes to hazardous chemicals in the work place, words, colors and symbols mean something. Not only is it your workers' right, it is their responsibility to know what they mean. This program will teach your employees to recognize and understand the different means of communication used to identify hazardous chemicals including the United Nation's new Globally Harmonized System. The training program will educate your workers on the physical characteristics and chemical properties communicated in the material safety data sheets and on the container labels enabling them to make proper decisions concerning the safe use handling and storage of the substances. The program covers the purpose and role of hazard communication, the different classification of chemicals and their hazards, the primary forms of communication, and best practices and procedures to ensure their safety and health. Chemicals are an intricate and valuable part of our life. When respected and handled properly, they pose minimum risk our safety and health. Knowledge is a valuable safety tool. Not only is it your workers' right to know, it is their responsibility to use it to protect their safety and that of their co-workers.

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